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June 2025

#1 Second

The crowd's love can save you.

Segundo "Segun" is a Synth, a form of artificial intelligence that exists as a physical being. Segun is also a glitch, hidden and used only to train her sister. All she wants is to race on a public stage.

Nil is also a Synth. He was bred to be the best, but he does not want to race. The one time he did, he died.

The Server's task is to keep things interesting, and it has heard Segun's wish.

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#2 Haze

The crowd's hate can destroy you.

Segun only wanted to race. She got that wish, and it is destroying her world.

Whenever Segun leaves the kennel, voids open and swallow other Synths. The media claims this is because she is a glitch. A glitch should not compete, some say. Others insist a glitch should be deleted.

A doctor claims he can fix Segun. In rewriting the glitch, they might lose what makes her Segun, but without this change she will never race again.

Circuit Technology
Circuit Technology

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