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Release date: December 4, 2023

To win her freedom, Pearl, a mysterious stone, has one week to get a human to love her.

To win his freedom, a Sea Swine disguised as a human must ensure Pearl fails.

A Sea Stone. A Sea Swine.

One week to win their freedom.

Pearl lives as the Essence of the Land’s only intelligent companion until the Essence of the Sea claims she was stolen. When Pearl does not want to return with her, the Sea purports that Pearl's choice will only matter if she completes a bet believed impossible: get a human to love her within one week. If she fails, she will become a silent pendant on the Sea’s necklace.

A Creature of Essence cannot love, but Pearl has always been curious of humans and their stories of this enigmatic emotion. She sets out to win and finds a steampunk university dealing with monster attacks, secret agendas, foreign affairs, and a population crisis. Yet, she is not the only one who masquerades as human. So does a minion of the Sea, a Sea Swine, and Pearl must play the game right to avoid choosing the suitor who isn't human at all.

Bonus Stories & Sequels?

Bonus stories go beyond the main books! Explore a chapter or two from a different character’s viewpoint. Delve into backstory (where did Pike get his flute or Jun his scar), deleted scenes, after story, or what if. Some of these stories come with my ebooks, but for most this is the only way to read them.

Access these stories via my Patreon. Some are available to everyone. Others are just for my patrons, so check out the membership tiers. I offer a lot of perks including exclusive stories and art, livestream performances, and Etsy giveaways.

Drop Shadow

A sequel is in the works but does not yet have an official release date. It is tentatively titled Eye of the Needle. Patrons get early details and exclusive sneak peeks.

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Updated December 2023