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culture clash

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aliens, powers, & politics

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Superpowered hybrids of alien species caught in a web of lies.

amphibious kitten sidekick

found family

Circuit Technology

racing & puzzles

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unique dialogue format

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sentient bots

Circuit Technology
Line Scribble with Star Element
Line Scribble with Star Element

Ignorance is a blade. Knowledge forms its hilt.

*set in the same universe as the RALI series


Who wants to have a blast diving into RALI from ​Rell’s point of view or see Jun’s side of things in Pearl ​Before Swine? That’s what bonus stories are for!

How did younger Jun get his scar or Pike his flute? ​What was Nyen up to on the island in River’s End? ​Bonus stories are perfect for that, too!

Access stories like these along with award-winning ​stand-alone shorts, art, poetry, and exclusive ​performances via my Patreon. Some are available ​free to everyone. Others are just for my patrons, so ​check out the membership tiers.

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Taki Zyngtara

Author of the RALI Series, River Saga, Synths Series, Essences books, as well as stand-alone novels and short stories, Taki Zyngtara worked in libraries for many years, adores languages, music, and art, and will discuss those subjects at length if you let her. Her favorite thing about books is they are portals that can transport you anywhere as anyone. She lives in southeast Texas with her husband and doggy-daughters.

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Updated July 2024